Oomph Goo & Stain Remover FAQ

Q: Where can I buy Oomph Goo and Stain Remover?
A: It is currently available at all Bunnings.
Q: Is it safe to use on sticky residue left from a band-aid?
A: It is not recommened to be used for that purpose. We advise against it.
Q: Is this product dangerous to use, do I need safety equipment?
A: The product is perfectly safe to use. There are no hazardous materials or danger goods located in the formulation of the product.
Q: I have tried using the product on a stain/glue and it hasn’t worked?
A: The product is extremely strong and effective against most glues and stains, however, if a glue/stain has been there for a long period of time, then it will be more difficult to remove. We suggest attempting a couple if not more applications on the area. If residue can be noticed to start receding, then continue to do the applications until the stain/glue and been completely removed.
Q: The product has left an oily residue where I spray, is this normal?
A: This is oily residue is normal due to the chemical components in the product. This can be simply washed down with water or if it is in your clothing just put it on a regular washing cycle.
Q: Will this product work on a tinted window?
A: Definitely not, the glue removing attributes of the product will actually peel away the tint from the window, making it shrivel and damaging it.

Oomph Degreaser FAQ

Q: I can’t get the lid open due to the plastic top bit of the bottle always depleting?
A: This can tend to happen to the flexible nature of the plastic. The cap does not need much pressure coming from the top to be turned. Try again but with a softer touch on the cap and attempt turning at the same time.
Q: I have had the product for a while and the colour is starting to change and go transparent, is it still alright to use?
A: The product is still perfectly alright to use. If the product is exposed to too much UV light (outdoors, from the sun) then that is what makes the colour dilution in the product change. The effectiveness of the product does not reduce

Oomph Toilet Gel FAQ

Q: If I leave this product in the toilet bowl for long will it have more of an effect on stains etc?
A: We suggest following the instructions on the back of the packaging as this is what we have tested the product for. The product is strong and designed to keep the toilet clean and smelling fresh, so performance won’t be hindered by extended time.
Q: How do you take the lid off?
A: Simply squeezing the two sides of the cap where indicated and turning anti-clockwise at the same time will allow for the cap to be screwed off.

Oomph Toilet Cistern Blocks FAQ

Q: How often should I use one of the blocks?
A: As often as necessary. As soon as the water stops turning blue after the first use, then another block should be used. This ensures continuous cleanliness of the toilet.
Q: I accidentally dropped the block into the bowl, is this a problem and will it continue to work in the bowl?
A: Recover the block and do not flush, then place in the cistern. Flushing could potentially make the toilet block wedge into the piping and block the toilet. The effectiveness of the product will not be seen in the bowl.